Portable Shelters

Portable shelters is one area in which TentsandDomes.com is an industry leader. Just because a structure is portable does not mean that it is necessarily temporary or subject to negative effects due to environmental conditions or climate, like older fabric structures.

Our inflatable tents and domes use the highest quality, flame retardant materials which make our membranes a good choice for semi-permanent air supported structures.

An inflatable dome is an excellent choice for many applications, such as sports domes, golf domes, tennis domes, and swimming pool domes. Our inflatable buildings are a much more affordable alternatives to applications like geodesic dome greenhouse or a fiberglass dome, and they also makes excellent construction domes and paint domes for some of our higher end uses like Disney, in Orlando, FL.

The translucent nature of many of our portable shelters make them excellent for applications needing translucent air supported structures such as fish hatcheries, hydroponics, aquaponics, and various shelter applications, such as emergency shelter, FEMA, disaster relief, and first response applications.

We believe we have the best heat pressure weld system for making the strongest, most durable, and aesthetically pleasing clearspan air supported portable shelters and inflatable buildings in the world.

If you are looking for domes for sale, you have come to the right place. We are not a broker, a middleman, or even "factory direct," we are the Manufacturer. We sell domes worldwide. Why settle for an inflated dome price on a used air dome whose condition is unknown when you can purchase a quality new dome or portable shelter, under warranty, directly from the manufacturer.

So, whether you are looking for tents, domes, portable shelters, inflatable tents, or air domes, you have come to the right place; the inflatable structure, inflatable building, air support structure experts. With 40 years to back it up!

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